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Fresh Frozen Alaskan Seafood

Spot Shrimp & H&G Black Cod will be available Mid to late June 2023

We ship overnight directly from Alaska, Monday through Wednesday.  There is a 10lb minimum on all orders with a standard $95 shipping cost. FedEx or Air Freight is applied per ship weight and destination on all orders above the 10lb minimum.

Dear Valued Customer,

            We want to extend our business out to you in order to provide the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest seafood available from the great state of Alaska.  Our products range from locally sourced Sablefish Black Cod from the Gulf of Alaska, Shrimp off the South East Coast, to Golden King Crab caught off the shores of the Aleutian Islands.  We also carry a large variety of White Fish and Salmon in fillet and portioned quantities for families and individual uses.

J&R is family owned and operated within Seward, Alaska. 


Products can be purchased locally here in Seward.  We also include overnight FedEX delivery for those of you out of state.


Eat fish and stay healthy America!

Fresh on the menu

Also Fresh Ling Cod Portions

Take a look at the inner workings of our Mother Ship the "KRUZOF."  This is what we do.

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