Vessel Design and Updates


Vessel Information:

Vessel Designed by: Jensen's Maritime

Project Engineer: Hal Hockema

Built at: Midcoast Marine, Coos Bay, Oregon

Date of Completion: February, 1997

• Holding Capacity - 60 ton

• Length - 59.5 feet in

• Width - 24 feet

• Vessel weight - 153 tons


Click here to view the construction process of the Fishing Vessel Kruzof.

Most Recent Updates

F/V Kruzof in dry dockPerformed required inspections, bottom paint and zinc work
F/V Kruzof in dry dockHaul out at Seward Ships Dry Dock, November 2012












Bleed Tank in action
Live Bleed tank2011 - A custom built “live” bleed tank getting installed, and expecting further improvements









Bleed Tank in action

"Structural Changes and Additions to the Kruzof - 2007"

Repairs and Maintenance: September 2007, Fred Wahl Marine, Reedsport, Oregon. Work done: New engine, replaced false deck, enlarged bow bulb, upgrade of wiring, hydraulics and refrigeration. Sand blast and paint job.

These photos illustrate the latest addition to the Kruzof-- An Anti Roll Tank which helps stabilize the vessel in rough weather. The tank is built with a series of baffles and chambers inside. The tank is filled with water. The transition of water from one side to the other in the tank causes for a counter balance of the vessel hence lessens the roll from port to starboard, smoothing out the ride as it navigates through rough waters.

For more info or questions on details of the anti-roll tank you may contact the designer at

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Beavertail modification

Beavertail Modification view 2

Beavertail Modification View 4

Beavertail Modification view 4

This is attachment is called a Beaver Tail. Another attempt by Captain Jim to create fairweather conditions on the Kruzof even when the weather is rough.

The exta steel plate improves water flow to the propeller which improves the hull perfomance.

For more info or questions on details of the beaver tail you may contact the designer at

The Kruzof in Reedsport, Oregon at the Fred Wahl Shipyard getting an overhaul and new additions. October 07
New Volvo Motor New Volvo Motor
Views of the new 600 HP Volvo engine installed in 2007. The boat's 10th year birthday present, and Jim's birthday present for a the remainder of his life. So says his wife.
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