Jim on the Fishing Vessel KruzofJim was inspired by the Old Country influence of the Norwegians that he worked with as a young man in Petersburg Alaska.  He was inspired by their disciplined work ethic and responsible attitudes towards their job, community and family.  In addition to liking the work as a deck-hand, he also found he enjoyed the challenge of trying to catch the fish. 

At 19 he began running his own boat.   The different elements like weather, tides, bathometric layouts of the ground, various sea predators ranging from sea lice to whales, all of which affected ones ability to catch fish, all  intrigued him.    From the Skipper's vantage point,  Jim found he was less interested in relying on the processor to market his catch, which he took pride and care for, but was often paid less than a desirable price.  This encouraged him to try freezing and marketing his own product, a very tall order for a fishermen who is already wearing many hats keeping his boat going and maintaining a good working crew.  

Captain Jim HubbardJim invested in a small plate blast freezer, and while many fellow fishermen thought he was crazy, he defied the odds and in March of 1987, he made his first frozen at sea Pacific Cod trip.  In May of 1987 he met Rhonda on the Seward Docks, who barely had time to say hi as she was busy working in her family's small processing business at the time.  In August Jim returned back to Seward with a Halibut trip from the Bering Sea.  This time Rhonda had more time on her hands.  They went out on a date,  the relationship blossomed and they married in August of 1988.  Today,  Rhonda manages the administrative and sales aspect of the vessel's production. Jim and his crew catch and freeze the fish while also keeping the boat in good operating condition. 

Over the years, Jim has owned several fishing vessels. By continually upgrading, Jim has been able to keep on the cutting edge of quality. As the boats grew, so did the company. Kruzof Fisheries, LLC was officially incorporated in 2006.

F/V Swift II - Jim's first boat, bought in 1976.

F/V Swift

F/V Argo - Jim's 2nd boat which he fished 7 seasons on from 1980 to 1986.

F/V Argo

F/V Kruzof - Jim's 3rd boat which he fished from 1987 to 1996.

Old Kruzof

F/V Kruzof in Warm Springs Bay, August 2007

New Kruzof

The Fishing Vessel Kruzof and crew are insured within two insurance pools, Fishing Vessel Reserve and Coastal Marine Fund.  Such pools are governed by a Director and a board of selected members who are insured within the pools.  To keep insurance rates low, members encourage each other to be safety conscience with their crew and vessel equipment.  
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